Дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект във Валенсия, Испания

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Дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект във Валенсия, Испания




Фондация “Звезден старт на таланти“, като изпращаща организация в партньорство с Agora cultural-Испания като посрещаща организация търси 1 доброволец на възраст от 18 до 30 години по дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект, който ще се реализира във  Валенсия, Испания в периода 03.03.2019-30.09.2019

Прилагам инфо за проекта:

Get to properly know a project is always a quite hard job to discover beforehand. Not a lot of clear information are displayed through the web.

Although it is always more interesting to discover things by oneself, we, from ÁGORA CULTURAL, understand that many questions go through your head about, for example who?, what?, where?, how?, etc….

We have tried through this short guide to answer common questions before you can decide whether willing or not take advantage of this great opportunity that will afford you interesting experiences! [at least we hope!].


Getting started, so you know, ÁGORA CULTURAL [us!], is the Coordinating Organisation taking care of the practical, follow-up, support and training arrangements during your EVS project. On the other side, you will participate as EVS volunteer within a Host Organisation, here in your case at the Asociacion Professional y Familiar de Ayuda para la Integracion del Discapacitado Siquico ALBA who will be in charge of all the issues referring your volunteer activities [holidays, tasks, schedule, follow-up, support, etc…].

As a very quick view, ÁGORA CULTURAL has 16 years experiences in the field of Mobility projects [ERASMUS+, NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL TRAININGS, STUDY & WORK INTERNSHIPS, etc…] acting as Coordinating Organisation. Among the different projects run, the EUROPEAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE gets our utmost. We have been coordinating more than 300 host EVS mobilities in the cities of Valencia, Manises and Godella.

It is very important for us that you enjoy this opportunity to live an immense and intense living and learning journey. We really need to underline some important points and really need you to know AND agree with all the logistical points to avoid any misunderstood once here.

So let me list or tell you about what we expect…

Our way of thinking about EVS is quite simple being to share, to be a group…


We host at the same time a total of 10 EVS volunteers divided into 2 apartments in the city of Valencia.

Each apartment accommodates 5 volunteers and has all the amenities respecting social standards. Both apartments are divided between 4 bedrooms [3 single & 1 double]. So you have to bear in mind that there is a huge possibility to share the double room during the project. On the other side, one of the single rooms will also be enjoyed since it is important to follow a rotation.

It is not possible to change the order of the flat, i.e to turn the living room into a simple (big) room for not willing to share.

Cleanliness is everyone’s job. Volunteers are expected to reach an agreement on planning house cleaning. If this were not the case, we will allow us to gather the group and find a solution.

Sharing, we know, is not easy, more when you do not know the other 4 people you live with, who decided as you, to start this experience. But flexibility, understanding and most of all communication are the keys for having a positive experience, even [we also know] that not everything will be perfect!!

The lodging of anyone outside our project [friends, family, etc …] should be informed in advance and be accepted by ÁGORA CULTURAL. We will never ask money for that but it is important that “invited people” participate in the dynamics of coexistence [food & cleaning].  ÁGORA CULTURAL granted the right to take the necessary measures if visits are not reported. Only short term visits will be admitted [5 days maximum] and provided that being a matter of a person per volunteer not getting to be 2 at the same time.

It will be always possible to agree a longer stay [previous acceptance].

It will be the responsibility of volunteers to take care of repairing the damage caused by misuse or neglect and the consequent costs. The same occurs with the excessive consumption of supplies (water, light, gas) by negligence and/or carelessness.


Volunteers will receive the amount of 120,00at the beginning of each month in order to proceed to the purchase of their food, personal hygiene and cleaning products and only for this purpose. It will be asked to the volunteers to provide all the tickets for the economic justification.


You will pass the most time of your days with different people [target groups, professionals, local volunteers, etc…] who are anxious to know you, to show you who they are and what they can do, to teach you at very different level, to give you warmth and their confidence. The impact, you volunteer provoke is greater than you can expect.

The exchange is primordial. You need to receive but also bring back. Participation, initiative, sense of responsibility and flexibility would be very grateful and welcomed.

From both parts (Coordinating and Host) we hope make you feel comfortable, empowered and enterprising.

All the persons involved in the project are always trying that you can reach your expectations always if you show the willingness to do so.

What about the LOGISTICS?

[local transport]

You will receive during your stay in Valencia, a monthly transport card which allows the travel in METRO and BUS.

The amount of this card is about 60,00€.

Usually, you will have to advance the money to buy the card then the Coordinating Organisation ÁGORA CULTURAL will reimburse the amount after receiving the receipt.

If you are not able to advance the money, ÁGORA CULTURAL will provide you the amount before.

[international transport]

International travel is granted by the ERASMUS+ program. The amount authorized to spend for the round trip ticket depends on the distance calculator from the EU Commission. This means that the stipulated amount is the maximum cost eligible and reimbursed

Ex: if the amount is 275 Euros, only this cost will be reimbursed for the round trip ticket…the extra costs are up to you to pay.

You will be asked to provide all the travel supporting documents.

[pocket money]

You will receive during your project in Valencia, a monthly pocket money. The amount is stipulated by the European Commission and rises to 5,00€/day meaning that depending on the length of the month you will received either an amount or another.

It is responsibility of the Coordinating Organisation ÁGORA CULTURAL to pay the pocket money at the beginning of each month.


Being EVS volunteer, the volunteer has the right to be covered within the Medical Insurance CIGNA [www.cignahealthbenefits.com]. This Insurance allows you to be covered during your EVS project. HOWEVER, IT IS MANDATORY TO BE IN POSSESSION OF THE EUROPEAN HEALTH INSURANCE CARD.

The volunteer is free to go to any Medical Centre (public or private) always taking into consideration that the costs incurred will be at his/her expenses.


IMPORTANT: the volunteer will have to pay each and every medical visit. The sub consequent medication’s purchase is his/her responsibility too. The volunteer will always have to keep the original tickets, invoice, etc… in order to send to CIGNA (online) and receive the money back.

ÁGORA CULTURAL will help you in the process if needed.

[spanish lessons]

ERASMUS+ Programme enables each volunteer to learn Spanish through the Online Learning Support Platform. The volunteer will have the possibility to attend the online classes by him/herself. Besides, ÁGORA CULTURAL will arrange Linguistic Classes twice a week during the whole project.

The Language Training will be provided outside the uptime and will be covered by a professional staff with full capacity to provide such training.

The English (in case of not speaking Spanish) will be at the beginning a help in the integration as it will facilitate the contact with the other EVS volunteers, the Coordinating Organisation and the Host Organisation.

In Spain general use of English is not common. So it is imperative that the use of Spanish is done quickly, both for the integration into the local community as for the smooth participation into the project and communication with the users.

You will be asked, after the first 2 months, to start or try to speak Spanish in the eventual case you didn’t already do it.

We put a deep emphasize on learning Spanishso get ready!

СПОРЕД ОБЩИТЕ ПРАВИЛА НА ЕВРОПЕЙСКА ДОБРОВОЛЧЕСКА СЛУЖБА“: Всички разходи на доброволеца по време на упражняване на доброволческата служба в определената държава / път, храна, застраховка, обучение по съответния език на държавата, вътрешен транспорт, джобни пари/ се ПОЕМАТ 100% от проекта.

Който проявява интерес, моля да изпрати свое СВ на английски език+ снимка и конкретно мотивационно писмо на имейл: info@zst-bg.org