Дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект “INTERNATIONAL YOUTH” в Саламанка, Испания октомври 2019-май 2020

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Дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект “INTERNATIONAL YOUTH” в Саламанка, Испания

октомври 2019-май 2020


Фондация “Звезден старт на таланти“, като изпращаща организация в партньорство с “Plan B Educacion Social”- Испания като посрещаща организация търси 2 доброволци на възраст от 18 до 30 години по дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект, който ще се реализира в Саламанка, Испания в периода октомври 2019-май 2020г.

Искаш ли да работиш откъдето и когато можеш и да увеличиш дохода си?

Възползвай се от нашата доказана Система за Увеличаване на Дохода INSPIRE!




Прилагам инфо за проекта:

We are a formally organized non-profit foundation, with the capacity for institutional self control. Fundación Plan B social bases its work on social education. Our actions are mostly determined by the educational intervention approach, through comprehensive education.

Our approach is a participant-based methodology, always putting the focus on our target group which is the youth, and more specifically rural youth with access to fewer opportunities. This is why we offer them a wide range of activities, which include leisure and recreational activities, employability programs, democratic dialogue with policy makers or academic support, among others, always aiming to improve their lives and to provide guidance in order for them to reach a successful adulthood.

Nowadays we lead the youth centers in Salamanca’s (Spain) nearby towns, in which we manage street education, cultural management and democracy and participation projects, as well as newly designed international projects like the one we will describe as follows.

“International youth” is a project for volunteering activities in European Solidarity Corps.  We are looking

for young people with energy and motivation to work with youth with fewer opportunities and explore spanish culture living in the intercultural city of Salamanca.

  • Intercultural activities for young people in the Youth Centre
  • Tolerance activities for young people in the Youth Centre
  • Participate and support the daily life of the Youth Centre
  • Supporting in create and manage european projects
  • Trainings about educational topic for social change
  • Childhood participation in public life
  • Educational activities in the nature

Practical arrangements

– You will sleep in a shared flat or in a residence with other young people in Salamanca (Spain).

But the days that your activity will be in other village you will have local transport very good comunicate.

The food and the pocket money you will manage by yourself because we will give you the money for that.

And you will have spanish linguistic support every week.



Active person with self initiative

– With the ability to comunicate in spanish with the young people

(not perfect, don’t worry, you will learn but at least to comunicate with them in the very beggining)

– Open mind person with passion for the education and social change to improove the society.

If you have the intention to work in the field of social education or youth, this is your place because you will learn really diferent things and it will be a space to host all your ideas and your passion to remove the rutine.

… So if you want to discover new things about yourself and your skills in the field of youth and social education, in a nice place surrounding by culture and young people come to be part of our big family of “Plan B Educacion Social”

СПОРЕД ОБЩИТЕ ПРАВИЛА НА ЕВРОПЕЙСКА ДОБРОВОЛЧЕСКА СЛУЖБА“: Всички разходи на доброволеца по време на упражняване на доброволческата служба в определената държава / път, храна, застраховка, обучение по съответния език на държавата, вътрешен транспорт, джобни пари/ се ПОЕМАТ 100% от проекта.

Който проявява интерес, моля да изпрати свое СВ на английски език+ снимка и конкретно мотивационно писмо на имейл: info@zst-bg.org


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