Дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект в Корнедо Вичентино, Италия

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Дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект в Корнедо Вичентино, Италия                                   

От началото на септември 2018 за 12 месеца

Фондация “Звезден старт на таланти“, като изпращаща организация, в партньорство със Studio Progetto-Италия, като приемаща организация, търси 1 доброволец на възраст от 18 до 30 години по дългосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект, който ще се реализира в Корнедо Вичентино, Италия от юни 2018 за 12 месеца.

Прилагам информация за проекта:

Educational after-school activities for children

Number of volunteers: 1 from BULGARIA

Sending organisation: The Starry Start if Talents Foundation (Bulgaria)

Description: The Social Cooperative Studio Progetto manages After-school activities during the school year (September – June). The activities are addressed both to children (6-10 years old) and to youngsters (11-14).

In the centres for children, during the afternoon, the operators assist them in their homework and involve them in recreational activities/labs. In the Youth centres, youth workers deal with socialization activities and the organization of micro-activities suggested by the youngsters themselves.

Tasks: The volunteer will be involved in the following activities

 children’s first welcome

 to support in the realization of scheduled activities (creativity labs, trips/walks, sports, etc…)

 to take part in the weekly staff meeting. The volunteer will be involved in the planning works

 to take part in the language conversation group

 to participate in the meetings on the abroad mobility

 to open and keeps a blog about EVS (in cooperation with the other EVS volunteers)


Profile of volunteer:

 age between 18-30 years old

 country of residence: BULGARIA

 interested in working with children

 team spirit

 patient, responsible, creative, open-minded


Venue: Cornedo Vicentino, Italy


Accommodation, Food and Transportation

If you are thinking to apply for the opportunity of doing your EVS with us, you may be interested in some practical information. Here it is!

– You will stay in a flat in the center of Valdagno (3 minutes from our office). The flat includes a bedroom, a living room + kitchen and a bathroom. All necessary facilities are provided – hitting, hot water, washing machine, oven, internet etc.

– You will share a flat with another volunteer the same gender.

– Each month, volunteers will get a food allowance – amount of money you can spend on food. You can buy products in the supermarket and cook your favorite dishes at home, or you can go for a lunch/dinner to restaurant/pizzeria with reasonable prices. We recommend to mix both approaches J

– For your own expenses you will get pocket money (around 115 euro per month, exact amount will be calculate later).

– Valdagno is a pretty small town with 28 000 citizens, so you can reach everything by foot or by bike easily. But if you are going to another town for work or language course, the bus tickets are provided.


By the way, Valdagno has no train connection to other places, but buses are regular. You need one hour to reach Vicenza – the main city of the province, from Vicenza you can go by train to Venice (20 m – 1 h 20 m, depends on train you chose), to Verona or any other place.

– If you are eager to learn Italian, we are happy to support you with the language course. Also, not so many people in Valdagno speak English, so you will have a lot of opportunities to practice your Italian while buying food, for example.

СПОРЕД ОБЩИТЕ ПРАВИЛА НА ЕВРОПЕЙСКА ДОБРОВОЛЧЕСКА СЛУЖБА”: Всички разходи на доброволеца по време на упражняване на доброволческата служба в определената държава / път, храна, застраховка, обучение по съответния език на държавата, вътрешен транспорт, джобни пари/ се ПОЕМАТ 100% от проекта.

Който проявява интерес, моля да изпрати свое СВ на английски език+ снимка и конкретно мотивационно писмо на имейл: info@zst-bg.org и да попълни приложената онлайн апликационна форма



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