Интересен младежки обмен „InterCOOLtures”, La Vancelle, Франция 24.02-01.03. 2020

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Публикувано: 4.1.2020

Фондация „Звезден старт на таланти“ като изпращаща организация предлага младежки обмен „InterCOOLtures”, La Vancelle, Франция, финансиран по програма Еразъм+.
Младежкия обмен ще бъде през периода 24.02-01.03. 2020 с включени дати за пътуване и ще пътуват от България 6 участници  на възраст 18-26 години.



Инфо за проекта:

InterCOOLtures is a project dedicated to advancing new skills and attitudes concerning different and diverse cultures, create a constructive and lasting dialogue among European youth and stimulate the discussions about European citizenship.
Our aims with the topic of intercultural dialogue and languages are:
– to bring awareness on intercultural dialogue and how it can improve our lives and our societies;
– to create a safe and inclusive space of sharing and exchanging on the topic of intercultural dialogue for all participants;
– to make the topic of intercultural dialogue visible and relevant within local communities and at international level;
– to tackle the origin of culture-based discrimination and the impact it brings on human rights

Dates and time of arrival: from Monday 24 February (arrival date) to Sunday 1 March (departure date) 2020, No specific time of arrival: the participants will arrive when their flights will arrive!
Participant’s profile :
Project participants are young people aged between 18 and 26 years interested in the topic of interculturality and languages. Each country group will have a team leader.


Cost : Free (cofinanced by Erasmus + funds)

We will implemente the project through workshops for youth, using non-formal & informal learning methods like:

–              Work and reflection groups for practicing foreign languages.

–              Workshops to improve or enhance participant’s knowledge in the field of interculturality

–              Cultural visits (heritage, gastronomy, cultural sites) to develop the feeling of European citizenship.

–              Organization of role plays and other group-building activities to promote the social integration of youth.

Be aware, that it is not a course or a training course. The philosophy of youth exchanges is to learn in a non-formal way, to learn by experience, to learn by doing. The participants and the leaders themselves will do all the activities.

Working Language:  English is the working language (however, for the participants who speak french, it will be possible for them to practice their french during informal conversation during the YE)

Number of Participants: 6 per country (except Poland : 7) = 31 participants in total.

Number of Countries: 4 + 1 (France) = 5 countries in total

Venue : La Vancelle (France, nearby Strasbourg)

La Vancelle is small beautiful village located near small mountains where on one of the peak are castle’s ruins. There is no shop however there are two famous restaurants and one of them has one Michelin star.

Accommodation:  Free (co-financed by Erasmus + funds)

The accommodation is a Scout Center.

Address: Oberlin-Haus 15, rue de l’Altenberg 67730 LA VANCELLE (FRANCE) The participants will sleep in shared rooms. The hostel has 10 rooms from 2 to 9 beds. We will not put 9 participants in the same room (we think 5 or 6 would be a maximum) but be aware that the small rooms (2 beds) will be for the leaders who are older than the participants (and who need more privacy). The toilets and the showers are in the corridor. Wi-Fi is available (and free).

The genders will not be mixed. If there are couples among the participants, please be prepared to sleep separately. Countries will be mixed in the rooms (for example: one French, one Italian, one Bulgarian, one Romanian, one Polish)

For any question about the accommodation, do not write directly to the Scout Center. You must ask us.

The beds have sheets and blankets, you don’t need to bring your sleeping bag.

There are no washing machines in the Scout Center, so if you want/need to some laundry you can use the sinks in the bathrooms or there is a river nearby where you can wash your clothes… We will provide you some detergent if needed.

There is an iron and a hair dryer in the Scout Center.

По проекта се поемат следните разходи:
-100 % от настаняване и храна;
-100% от транспортните разходи до лимита за транспорт от 275 евро.

Има административна такса участие към изпращащата организация, която е по 50 евро на участник.

/Част от таксата  ще бъде дарена за развитие на МЛАДЕЖКА МЕДИЙНА ГРУПА и радио СТАРТ!/

Който проявява интерес, моля да изпрати СВ + снимка на английски или български език на имейл: YouthExchange@zst-bg.org
Моля, само сигурни участници да изпращат своите кандидатури!



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