Интересен тренинг курс “Different ships”, Манчестър, UK 13-20.12. 2019

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Интересен тренинг курс ““Different ships”, Манчестър, UK 13-20.12. 2019

Фондация „Звезден старт на таланти“ като изпращаща организация предлага тренинг курс “Different ships”, Манчестър, UK, финансиран по програма Еразъм+.
Тренинг курсът ще бъде през периода 13-20.12. 2019 и ще пътуват от България 4 участници  на възраст над 18 години.




Инфо за проекта:

Themes of the partnership building seminar:

Our organisation already runs projects based on tolerance, living together, sharing cultural diversity, local multiculturalism. Our experience is that, if in a project Refugees and local young people participate together, they can enjoy the cultural diversity, and learn a lot about each others culture. Refugees and migrants live everywhere in the European Union. On one hand they are seen as a big challenge by different societies because they go against the written and unwritten rules of mainstream societies; they follow their own rules which are not always understood by the majority; perhaps they do not necessarily want to be integrated into the majority, or if they do, they become outsiders from their own cultural communities and the majority don’t accept them either. Of course, it depends what type of migrants’ culture we meet. The culture of ‘migrants’ is much broader and more diverse than perceived by european cultures,  which tend to generalise migrants, develop prejudices and stereotypes, as well as negative opinions.  These stereotypes and opinions need to be challenged.


Our partnership building seminar aims to bring together youth workers, youth leaders, project managers directly working with young people and people with a migrant or a refugee background in order to explore together migrants’ culture and to share the political, cultural, educational, economic approaches of different countries towards migrants and refugees. The seminar will give participants the opportunity to share ideas, discuss various approaches on working with refugees and migrants; and develop youth projects that  challenge stereotypes and prejudices, bring people together and celebrate intercultural youth work.


In this seminar we plan to build partnerships between organisations working with migrants and young people through supporting each others’ local work and inventing youth exchanges together for two reasons:

– Migrants and refugee young people from different cultures from different countries can meet each other and share their cultural background. Maybe this way they can better understand their roots and gain positive point of views for their future.

– European and migrants’ young people can get to know each other better and use migrant culture as a positive tool during the youth exchanges.


So the overall aim of this long term project is to provide a safe space and opportunity for youth workers, youth leaders from European and migrant’ communities to work together, to share their information and knowledge on migrant’ cultures, to break stereotypes and prejudices concerning migrants’ people and share experiences how to bring different groups of young people together.   To get familiar with the diverse migrants’ cultures and use it as positive tool in youth work. To establish partnerships and devise youth exchanges in order to involve young people from European and migrants’ communities,  to work together and gain knowledge about migrants’ cultures.


Learning objectives of the partnership building seminar are:

– To share and explore together the different elements of migrants and refugees’ cultures in different countries;

– To find the impact on migrants’ culture in the mainstream culture in order to recognise the mutual intercultural learning between European and migrants and refugees’ communities;

– To share methods and techniques on working with European and migrants and refugees young people together in order to break the stereotypes and prejudices;

– To devise and develop youth exchanges together in order to involve young people from European and migrants and refugees’ communities to act together and gain knowledge about migrants’ cultures;

– To build solid partnership among represented organisations.


The methodology of the partnership building seminar:

Experienced trainers will prepare the methods based on the expectations and needs of the participants. They will provide participatory and creative methods, which will ensure the participation of experienced and less experienced participants. Some methods we will plan to use: individual, pair and mixed group work, drawings, montage/collage, group discussions, brainstorming, role play, methods’ market, preparing a booklet, visit to good practice project, idea and project development, etc.



Before the activities:

– promote the opportunity of the project and selection of the most eligible participants according to the profile, respecting non-discrimination policy, but ensuring the gender equality;

– inform the participants about their responsibilities and rights during the project according to ERASMUS+ guidelines and the planned activities;

– instruct the participants about the transportation options they have;

– send the application form of the participants to the organisers to help defining the logistics and agenda of the activity;

– support and guide the participants during issuing European Health Insurance Card;

– get an emergency contact of each participant;

– assist the participants in preparing for activities preparing for presenting the sending organisation and the country of origin;

– Inform the participants about the YouthPass certificate;

– communicate and inform participants for any changes during the preparatory activities;

– Ensure the visibility of the project and ERASMUS+ Programme, respecting the visual identity rules of it, through publications on it’s respecting online (FB, web page, Twitter, etc) and offline platforms (newspapers, magazines, meetings, etc.).

During the activities:

– maintain regular communication with the coordinating organization during the implementation of the activities;

– In case of emergency, contact the person indicated as emergency contact person.

After the activities:

– Implement all the dissemination activities planned:

– Publishing articles and pictures on the organization’s online and offline communication channels;

– Respect the deadlines for implementing the dissemination activities and reporting.

– Supervise that the participants send all the return transportation documents.

– Provide the information needed to the coordinacoordininoting organization for the final report that has to be presented to the NA.

Who can participate in the partnership building seminar:

Youth Workers, Youth Leaders, Volunteers, Managers, Young people aged 18 who:

– represent the needs of the partner organisations;

– represent the needs, expectations and interest the European and migrants’ young people they work with in daily basis;

– represent their personal learning goals;

– have experience of working with European and migrants and refugees young people together;

– represent a migrant’ culture what they know closely or belongs to;

– are able to communicate in English;

– are ready to run and participate in youth exchanges with their target groups after the PBS;

– are ready to adapt methods and techniques learnt during the PBS in their daily youth work;

– are ready to become part of an international network for at least 2 years and be an active member.


About Manchester:

Manchester is a city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England, with a population of 530,300 as of 2015. It lies within the United Kingdom’s second-most populous urban area, with a population of 2.55 million. Manchester is fringed by the Cheshire Plain to the south, the Pennines to the north and east and an arc of towns with which it forms a continuous conurbation. The local authority is Manchester City Council.



The participants of the training course will be hosted in the Travelodge Altrincham Central:    https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/544/Altrincham-Central-hotel . 3 participants are going to be accommodated in one room, with a separate bathroom.

По проекта се поемат следните разходи:
-100 % от настаняване и храна;
-100% от транспортните разходи до лимита за транспорт от 360 евро.

Има административна такса участие към изпращащата организация, която е по 60 евро на участник.

/Част от таксата  ще бъде дарена за развитие на МЛАДЕЖКА МЕДИЙНА ГРУПА и радио СТАРТ!/

Който проявява интерес, моля да изпрати СВ + снимка на английски или български език на имейл: YouthExchange@zst-bg.org
Моля, само сигурни участници да изпращат своите кандидатури!



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