Краткосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект в Левкада, Гърция 03 май-02 юни 2020

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Краткосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект в Левкада, Гърция

03 май-02 юни 2020



Фондация “Звезден старт на таланти“, като изпращаща организация в партньорство с Solidarity Tracks-Гърция като посрещаща организация търси 3 доброволци на възраст от 18 до 30 години по краткосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект, който ще се реализира в Левкада, Гърция в периода 03 май-02 юни 2020г.

Прилагам инфо за проекта:


The beaches of Lefkas island are part of a natural and beautiful patrimony which contribute directly and indirectly to the local economic dynamics. With a view to preserve these beaches, to contribute to their cleanness and to encourage locals and visitors into more responsible behavior, we wish to launch this multinational volunteering project, within the frame of the program “European Solidarity Corps”. This project involves 24 volunteers from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Romania 8 countries of Europe and Mediterranean.
For a month, from 3rd of May to 2nd of June 2020, these volunteers will realize a project of common interest and public utility. The volunteers will deeply be involved in this project by participating in the cleaning of the beaches and taking initiative to awareness the public by implementing dissemination actions. In the course of this experience these young volunteers will broaden their horizons while meeting each other and exchanging good practices with their European and local peers. They will acquire knowledge and develop competences regarding the maritime environment’s preservation and the running of a project related to the intercultural mediation. Besides, they will raise their own awareness about different styles of life which are more eco-friendly and apply the principle “Thing globally, act locally”. The volunteers will develop pedagogical and technical competences which allow them to launch actions of informal education which target the local population. This project can introduce new habits within the professional as well as the family environment.
With the cooperation of many institutions and enterprises, such as the Municipal Authority, the prefecture, the Hotel Owners’ Association and the social enterprise “Lefkogaia”, this collective project will involve some young people stemming from unprivileged areas and/or with special needs, which will help their social integration as their chances equality. It will also help us retain the distinction of “bleu flag” won by 8 of our beaches, raising thus their attractiveness among the potential visitors. This will act beneficially on the island’s economy, which is predominantly dependent on the Tourism.
Based on the project’s results, the partners involved will be able to take initiatives and launch action groups which aim at cleaning and arranging the coast. This can have positive impact on the local communities thru the active engagement of the young European volunteers.

The volunteers will be lodged in bungalows/houses in Agios Nikitas or in the Camping Village Episkopos (Nikiana) Please note that the access to internet will be limited there.
– In case that you stay in the camping: The camping is located in Nikiana town, 15 minutes far from Lefkas city. The rooms will be fully equipped for the volunteers who will share the rooms according to gender balance (4 volunteers per bungalow/house).

We will provide all the necessary tools in order for the volunteers to prepare their meals. Each volunteer will receive 5€ for food allowance per day and they will manage the cooking part in group (for the days when we provide food, they will not receive this allowance).

The volunteer will receive 150 € per month pocket money.

Пълната информация за проекта можете да изтеглите и разгледате от ТУК!

СПОРЕД ОБЩИТЕ ПРАВИЛА НА ЕВРОПЕЙСКА ДОБРОВОЛЧЕСКА СЛУЖБА“: Всички разходи на доброволеца по време на упражняване на доброволческата служба в определената държава / път, храна, застраховка, обучение по съответния език на държавата, вътрешен транспорт, джобни пари/ се ПОЕМАТ 100% от проекта.

Който проявява интерес, моля да изпрати свое СВ на английски език+ снимка и конкретно мотивационно писмо на имейл: info@zst-bg.org



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