Младежки обмен “SYNCHRONOUS ADDICTION”, Анталия, Турция 30.09-05.10 2019

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Публикувано: 11.7.2019


Фондация „Звезден старт на таланти“ като изпращаща организация предлага младежки обмен “SYNCHRONOUS ADDICTION”, Анталия, Турция, финансиран по програма Еразъм+.

Младежкият обмен ще бъде през периода 30.09-05.10 2019 и ще пътуват от България 5 младежи на възраст от 20 -30 години.

Одобрените участници /мъже и жени/ ще получат като подарък тестер парфюм на Bruce Willis и Emma Heming-Willis от LR


Харесайте новата ФБ страница на ОНЛАЙН КОНКУРСИТЕ-БГ





Прилагам кратка информация за проекта:

Contents of our project are as in the following:

Developing technology causes some changes in our life. Technology age both ameliorate our life and bring some new problems. Phones, televisions, notebook, electronics games are not dangerous for only children they are dangerous for also adult people even they seem as obligatory of our age. Using too much technological productions causes some psychological and physical diseases. People who are technological addictive can have depression, lack of attention, hikikomori, anxiety. In addition to these, they are detached from social life. Experts are said that using too much technology can cause dangerous illnesses in future times. Now this situation is not seem so dangerous for everybody but maybe we do not aware of our addiction. We did not debar ourselves from this situation. We searched charger when our charge run flat, we searched wifi when we have not internet, when we did not use social media we found new ways for using it again. We do not aware of our addiction. we decided to write this project due to these reasons. We want to reach many people with this project by raising awareness and conscious.


How to Arrive in ANTALYA?

You should search for the most economic flight to ANTALYA Airport. We will give more info when the Hotel is arranged.

For bus you can check: https://www.obilet.com/


For plane you can check:

Pegasus Airlines: https://www.flypgs.com/en  

Turkish Airlines: https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-tr/index.html

Onur Air: https://www.onurair.com/en/default.aspx

Sun Express: https://www.sunexpress.com/en/


1-         Your name, surname, dates and price infos must be written on your own tickets.

2-         You must have both arrival-departure tickets and invoices.

3-         You can not receive reimbursement if you lose your boarding passes. You have to deliver it to us.

4-         We need a copy of your passport with the stamps that you get in the borders.

5-         The open-date tickets are not accepted.  Every ticket must has a specific date on it.

6-         You have to deliver original tickets to us by post after the project.

7-         If you use private cars or bus (from your country), you have to bring your gas invoice from gas station, you should explain that how many kms far away from your home to project place and you have to give calculation of kms and gas price. If you rent car or bus, the price of renting can not be reimbursed. We can give only gas price which you used.

8-         When you go back, you must send your departure boarding

passes, too. Firstly team leaders must take their photos, send by

email and later send them by post.

Искаш ли да работиш откъдето и когато можеш и да увеличиш дохода си?

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По проекта се поемат следните разходи:
-100 % от настаняване и храна;
-100% от транспортните разходи до лимита за транспорт от 275 евро.

Административна такса участие към изпращащата организация, която е по 50 евро на участник.
/Част от таксата  ще бъде дарена за развитие на МЛАДЕЖКА МЕДИЙНА ГРУПА!/

Който проявява интерес, моля да изпрати СВ + снимка на английски или български език на имейл: YouthExchange@zst-bg.org
Моля, само сигурни участници да изпращат своите кандидатури!