Невероятен краткосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект в Бидгошч, Полша 16.07-01.09 2018г.

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Публикувано: 9.6.2018


Фондация “Звезден старт на таланти“, като изпращаща организация, в партньорство с “Wiatrak”, Полша, като приемаща организация, търси 2 доброволци на възраст от 18 до 30 години по Краткосрочен ЕДС/EVS доброволчески проект, който ще се реализира в Бидгошч, Полша през периода  16 юли-01 септември 2018

Кратко инфо за проекта:

The theme of the project is a series of cultural and educational meetings conducted in the open air by European volunteers along with national volunteers. During activities with children and young people we want to promote different cultures of the European Union. Our goal is also to reduce language and cultural barriers, combat stereotypes related to foreign culture, promote active recreation and volunteering, especially international. The task of volunteers is to organize and conduct meetings with children and teenagers in the backyards of Bydgoszcz. They will work in groups, prepare for the presentation of their culture, and animate games and activities. The presentations will be prepared on the computer or can be hand- made from  different materials.

This project responds to the great need of the local community – the lack of various activities for children and young people. Therefore, the project aims to improve this situation through various didactic games and outdoor activities. The result of the project will be the prevention of stereotypes about other cultures among children and young people and deepening knowledge about cultures and countries from

which volunteers will come. We expect that after meetings in the backyards children will have greater enthusiasm for learning foreign languages, learning about different cultures and learning about the history and structure of the European Union.


The volunteer will work 5 days a week (from Monday to Friday). Their working day
will last no more than 7 hours per day. They will usually have free weekends and bank
holidays off work, but if the volunteer is asked to work e.g. on an event organized by
„Wiatrak” he/she will receive additional day off

СПОРЕД ОБЩИТЕ ПРАВИЛА НА ЕВРОПЕЙСКА ДОБРОВОЛЧЕСКА СЛУЖБА”: Всички разходи на доброволеца по време на упражняване на доброволческата служба в определената държава / път, храна, застраховка, обучение по съответния език на държавата, вътрешен транспорт, джобни пари/ се ПОЕМАТ 100% от проекта.

Който проявява интерес, моля в срок да изпрати свое СВ на английски език+ снимка и конкретно мотивационно писмо на имейл: info@zst-bg.org


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