Тренинг курс “SAY STOP TO THALASSEMIA” Истанбул, Турция 21–28.12.2021

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Тренинг курс “SAY STOP TO THALASSEMIA” Истанбул, Турция 21–28.12.2021



Фондация „Звезден старт на таланти“ като изпращаща организация предлага тренинг курс “SAY STOP TO THALASSEMIA” Истанбул, Турция, финансиран по програма Еразъм+.
Тренинг курсът ще бъде през периода 21–28.12.2021 и ще пътува от България 1 участник  на възраст над 18 години- няма горна граница на възрастта.

Кратка информация за проекта:

The training course project – “Say Stop to Thalassemia” will be organized in Istanbul Province of Republic of Türkiye on 21 – 28 December 2021 by Mediterranean Youth & Health Community by participation of partners from Türkiye, Romania, Kosovo, Greece, Morocco, Jordan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Czechia, and Bulgaria.
As Mediterranean Youth & Heath Community; we are targeting to show that Thalassemia which is also known as Mediterranean Anemia is not a destiny and it can be stopped and we would like to raise awareness about this illness by support of our partners. “Thalassa” means “Mediterranean Sea” and “Emia” means “Anemia” in Old Greek Language which means Mediterranean Anemia. If we would like to focus in medical way Thalassemia is illness connected with deficiency of blood which is genetically transferable from parents through “Beta Thalassemia“ Gene they have specially in Mediterranean Countries and it can be stopped in case precautions will be taken under consideration by people. Sickle-Cell Disease is also another blood illness which is similar with thalassemia and appears through “Hemoglobin S” which can be described as abnormal hemoglobin through malfunction on genes. (Hemoglobin is very important blood protein in our life which transfers oxygen from respiration organs to grain and carbon dioxide from grain to respiration organs). These diseases are big public health problems in especially Mediterranean Countries.
365.000 people with thalassemia born every year and undergo therapy in the world even if thalassemia is stoppable disease. There are 1.300.000 vector people in Türkiye while there are 4500 people with this disease. Thalassemia is also problem of world since it was spreaded around by migrations. The possibility to marry with a vector person and having a baby with disease rises by coincidence if vector rate is high in the society. If 2 vectors would marry their kid would have the disease %25, the kid would be vector as well %50 and the kid would be normal %25. The risk of birth with disease is rising in case partners are relatives but they can stop this process in case they would have necessary tests by giving a tube of blood. People who suffer thalassemia generally have problems connected with abnormal growing of liver and spleen and they are open for infections since they have to receive blood in every 3 weeks. Extra iron which body receives through blood transfer causes damages on heart and liver. Thalassemia also causes expansion on bones and when bone marrows widen it causes bones to be broken easily. People with thalassemia lives 30-40 years approximately and they always have fear of death in their life.People who suffer from sickle-cell disease generally suffers from problems connected to physical growing, bones, articulation abnormalities, neural system, heart, and kidneys. Painful attacks are the most important symptom and reason to go to hospital of the disease. People who suffer from Thalassemia and sickle-cell disease can work full time. They just cannot work in heavy work and they cannot make mental exercises and this causes them not to attend physical education lectures in schools and army service. Thalassemia decreases life quality, and financial power of people while making them dependent to hospital all lifelong. A person who suffers from thalassemia costs 10.000 $ per year for state and social security services which means they also threat economy in Turkey and European Countries which could not defeat these diseases. Children with thalassemia cannot make their dreams come true and cannot have normal life so they are isolated from society because they are not able to join several activities like other people.

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По проекта се поемат следните разходи:
-100 % от настаняване и храна;
-100% от транспортните разходи до лимита за транспорт от 275 евро.

По проекта има такса към изпращащата организация- 40 евро на участник.

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