Тренинг курс “TALES FROM THE LENS”, Палермо-Италия 7– 13.10.2019 и Острава-Чехия 8-14.5.2020

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Тренинг курс “TALES FROM THE LENS”, Палермо-Италия 7– 13.10.2019 и

Острава-Чехия 8-14.5.2020

Фондация „Звезден старт на таланти“ като изпращаща организация предлага Тренинг курс “TALES FROM THE LENS” , финансиран по програма Еразъм+.

Тренинг курсът ще бъде на два етапа:

Палермо-Италия 7– 13.10.2019 и

Острава-Чехия 8-14.5.2020

и ще пътуват от България 3 участници над 18г. за двата курса.

Одобрените участници /мъже и жени/ ще получат като подарък тестер парфюм на Bruce Willis и Emma Heming-Willis от LR

Прилагам кратка информация за проекта:


The project’s main goal is that organizations working with young people will start to use photography and video more to promote their activities and communicate important social issues they are dealing with and they will increas the impact of their activities on young people.

The objectives of the project to help meet this goal:

  1. Train youth workers involved in the organization to be able to use photo / video to make social networking contributions and media presentations of their activities
  2. Increase the attractiveness of the presentation of youth workers’ activities in their organizations
  3. Create and share such contributions that respond to current social issues that are important to young people in a form that addresses and attracts young people
  4. Extend the project activities to organizations, among other youth workers, but also among young people


The main activities in the project will be 2 training courses, an active inter-phase between the two courses and even after the end of the second course and the end of the project. A total of 24 participants – youth workers from 8 partner countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, will attend the activities.

1st training course

Participants will attend workshops on topics such as:

         how to work with social network

         the basics of photography, where they learn both the technique and art of choosing a topic and working with stories, practically try and create their own photo stories

         attend a workshop to analyze the quality of the media image of their home organizations, and set up a simple plan to change how to include the photo in the promotion of their organizations.

         list of social topics will be created, incl. suggestions on how to specifically work with these topics in their home organization, photography and stories.

         create a design of a workshop that will include the most important of the course and which will then be done at home.


After returning from the first training course, participants will organize this workshop in their organizations and, together with other volunteers, will create media teams that will work to improve the media presentation of their organizations. Together they will create their own photo stories on selected themes that will be up to date for their own surroundings.

2nd training course

During the second training session, what has been done in the interphase will be explored and staff will be working on video, script, and storytelling workshops on how to easily modify the video. The design of video workshop will be created.

After returning from the second course, this workshop will be implemented by participants in thein organizations and will create video stories, similar to the first interphase. Together with the media team, they will continue to improve the media image of the organization. They will already have many of their own created materials in similar photo and video stories, as well as a number of inspiration from other course participants.

All outputs will be publicly presented and shared across all social platforms. In order to support each other and also as a form of dissemination of the project, a number of common profiles will be created on social networks, including the youtube channel.

Separately infopack for 2nd TC will be distributed after 1st TC.



         We require participants to take part in both courses. it is not possible to participate only on 1st .

         Participants must be only youth workers = people who work with the target group of kids or young people in some organisation for kids or youth and who organize activities or events for them (for example workers in leisuretime centers, school clubs, scout leaders etc…). It’s duty to be youth worker for this type of activity by the Erasmus+ program. One note – youth workers aren’t people who are for example members of youth parliaments, this is not a youth work. Thank you for understanding.

         We prefer the participants who don’t have any experience with Erasmus+ projects, it will first time for them.

         Participants must have own or borrowed camera with manual mode (ideally Digital single-lens reflex camera, not automat and phone).



         Accommodation will be provided in Hotel – Albergo Athenaeum in rooms for 2 or 3 people with shower and toilet. There is also a Wifi Access.

         Hotel is located near the centre.

По проекта се поемат следните разходи:
-100 % от настаняване и храна;
-100% от транспортните разходи до лимита за транспорт от 275 евро за всеки от двата курса.

Административна такса участие към изпращащата организация, която е по 50 евро на участник за всеки от двата тренинг курса.
/Част от таксата  ще бъде дарена за развитие на МЛАДЕЖКА МЕДИЙНА ГРУПА!/

МЛАДЕЖКА МЕДИЙНА ГРУПА предоставя на участниците в двата курса възбожност за безвъзмедно ползване за целите на проекта своето снимачно студио, радио СТАРТ и възможност за разпространение на направените видео материали в нейните канали!


фейсбук страницата на МЛАДЕЖКА МЕДИЙНА ГРУПА

Който проявява интерес, моля да изпрати СВ + снимка на английски или български език на имейл: YouthExchange@zst-bg.org
Моля, само сигурни участници да изпращат своите кандидатури!